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Creagh Precision Joinery
105 Creagh Road
Castledawson, Co. Derry
Northern Ireland
BT45 8EY

Tel / Fax: 028 794 68401

Features of our Door Range

  • Available as a flat pack doorkit or as a factory hung doorset.
  • Primed MDF frame, doorstop and architrave as standard.
  • Real wood veneer or foil wrapped option available.
  • Doorstop groove in the lining is pre-drilled for concealed fixing of the frame lining to the wall.
  • Architrave is supplied pre-mitred and sized.
  • The adjustable architrave allows easy modification for variations within wall thickness.
  • CNC machining service, allowing doorsets/doorkits to be supplied with factory fitted ironmongery.
  • Hinges, locks and handles factory fitted as standard.

Benefits of our Door Range

  • Reduced installation times along with reductions in wastage and snagging results in increased profit margins for our customers.
  • Delivered to meet specific project requirements, the doorsets can be installed within 30mins by lower skilled site labour.
  • Tolerances and clearance gaps are set in the factory using the latest CNC technology therefore minimising the risk of performance being compromised by inexperienced site labour .
  • Materials are supplied from a single source easing concerns over the validity of fire certificates for mixed and matched doors and frames.
  • Moisture content of both door and frame is controlled as doorsets can be fitted at a later stage in the build contract - reducing the risk of differential shrinkage


Our doors are delivered either as pre-hung doorsets or as flat pack doorkits with each unit identifiable to its location by individual labeling. Doorsets can be delivered in plot lots determined by your build schedule. The palletized doorsets are wrapped and braced for safe transportation and storage.

Fire Resistant

A fire door is used as part of a passive fire protection system to reduce the spread of fire or smoke between rooms and to enable safe escape from a building. We can provide both FD30 and FD60 rated door kits complete with associated ironmongery.
View our Range of Fire Resistant Doors


Designed to reduce sound transmission between rooms and to provide sound privacy in any architectural environment. Thanks to our expertise in acoustics we can supply a high performance range of doorsets with a choice of acoustic ratings from 29 Rw dB to 45Rw dB. For the commercial sector there is a variety of doors and finishes to choose from, including laminates, veneers and vision panels.
View our Range of Acoustic Doors


Burglary resistant characteristics don’t have to be noticed at first sight. Multi point locking and enhanced core security can be incorporated without compromising the look and design of the door leaf.
View our Range of Security Doors


Factory CNC machining allows doorsets to be delivered with pre-fitted ironmongery. Hinges and locks are CE marked and handles are through-bolt fixed. Additional machining can be provided for eyeviewers, concealed door closers, letter boxes and signage. Our customers have reported significant savings with factory fitted ironmongery compared to traditional site fixing.
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